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Decals 9" x 3"

Customize your vehicle so that it stands out from the rest of same production models. A Lethal Threat decal will definitely add some instant cool to your ride.

Your first decision when making a purchase for a decal is you like the design or words. Lethal Threat have a team of in house artists who are cranking out designs on a daily basis, as well as a network of talented artists around the world who are among the finest airbrush and illustrative artists in the industry.
The second factor in your purchasing decision is will this decal damage my ride. The answer is NO! The decals are printed on clear high performance vinyl, screen printed with fade resistant inks to withstand all weather conditions and then thermal die cut to the exact shape of the design to give a painted on appearance once applied. The adhesive on the decals will not damage your vehicle surface if you choose to remove the decal. We don’t know why you would want to do such a crazy thing! The decals are designed to last three to five years of outdoor life, they will last indoors forever. A common question is can you clear coat over the decals, they do not recommend it and offer no guarantee of your results or we can not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle if you clear coat over our decals. The decals come with a clear coat already applied to each decal. All the decals are proudly made in the USA.