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Kerr leathers USA

Kerr Leathers, Salem, Massachusetts, USA

The type of leather used in the production of garments is crucial to their quality. Kerr Leathers, Inc. uses top quality U.S. hides that are drum tanned. Making our products with 4 1/4 ounce heavy leather results in a product that can stand up to years of use. Drum tanning causes the color used in dying to penetrate all the way through which avoids white scratches and the bleeding of dye common in cheaper leathers. Drum tanned leather has an appealing soft texture and flexibility. With all naked leather garments, there will be naturally occurring markings, blemishes and shadings that create the products unique personality. We also provide YKK hardware and tightly quilted linings. The high quality Kerr Leathers product range can be found in the foremost motorcycle shops world wide and Kerr Leathers rapid growth has been fueled by producing a high quality product with a reputation for service that is renowned in the apparel industry. All Kerr Leathers Products are made by hand including the cuffing.