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Banjo Bolt 600 Series 7/16- 24: 775-03LCH - rodehawg

Banjo Bolt 600 Series 7/16- 24: 775-03LCH


Banjo Bolt 600 Series 7/16- 24: 775-03LCH

JIC Single Banjo Bolt 600 Series Re-Usable Banjo Bolts.

  • All Build a Line hoses feature stainless steel end fittings and adaptors for enhanced styling and durability
  • Build a line is designed for the end user to easily put together their own hoses. Basic components and hoses already cut to lengths form the basis of your kit. Simply check which thread you have on the vehicle and the length of hose you need and then order the components to suit that application, don't forget new copper washers.

    To specify the length of hose, measure between the hole centres of your banjos and then subtract 45mm for each Buildaline fitting.

    For instance if the hose on your bike measures 500mm between the hole centres then subtract 90mm for the 2 banjos and your hose length is 410mm.
    As the hoses come in 25mm increments you then choose whether a 400mm or a 425mm hose would be closest for your needs.

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