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Kuryakyn 2015 Banjo Bolt Cover

Kuryakyn 2015 Banjo Bolt Cover


Used by themselves or as a complement to other caliper accessories, these little jewels transform the unfinished bleeder screws and banjo bolts on stock calipers into glistening chrome.


2013 Bleeder Screws on '84-'17 stock H-D calipers (except '08-'17 Touring & Trike) & Most Metric Cruisers 2014 '84-'07 H-D Master Cylinders & Calipers (except '04-'07 XL) & '08-'17 Softail & Dyna Master Cylinders 2015 Most Metric Cruisers with Banjo Fittings Requiring a 12mm Wrench

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