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Mens Draggin Jeans

Mens Draggin Jeans


Knitted Kevlar and Dyneema mix
Lined along all major crash points
Traditional Jean cut and fit
Made from heavy weight denim for durability
 Original Kevlar Draggin' Jeans
• CE-certified for tear, burst & abrasion resistance
• State of the art comfort fit: Great to ride in


 The Kevlar panels are internally lined with a sport net lining. The wash is right on the money!


What makes Draggin' Jeans special: Kevlar Unobtanium, a man made fibre which offers incredible abrasion, cut and heat resistance. It is knitted into hi-tech panels that back the outer fabric for your protection while providing a soft and comfortable feel inside. Despite its softness, Draggin' Jeans achieve the same CE certification as leathers

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